Broadcasting Your Wedding Live on the Internet

The popularity of user generated videos seems to have found a pretty creative niche in Live Internet Weddings. I came across this company while watching YouTube videos from Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii. The concept is pretty simple. For the price of an airline ticket you can hire them to broadcast your wedding live via the Internet to relatives and friends unable to make your wedding. The video is then made available online for up to three months and they also make a DVD for your archives.

Pretty neat concept. Below is a sample. It is a beach wedding held at Turltle Bay Resort which Live Internet Weddings broadcast and then later posted:

Another video I found pretty interesting was Turtle Bay Resort: Pavilion Wedding & Sunset Room Reception. Same idea, different wedding.

These videos of course offer great opportunity for a resort such as Turtle Bay, considering that user created video is one of the most popular content categories in social media. eMarketer is estimating that user generated videos will receive 34 billion views in 2008 this is up from 22 billion in 2007.

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